United States Adult Soccer Conference Annual Meeting

San Diego Ca

The West Coast Soccer Association would like to thank all those that attended the United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA) Region IV workshop and Spring Meetings this last weekend in San Diego.  The WCSA appreciates the time that Jessica Roe and Jessica Andrade from the University of San Diego Women Club team, Henry Cullen from UCSD Men’s Club soccer, and John Reynolds from CSU Fullerton invested at this conference.  Saturdays talked ranged from USASA Grants, US Soccer Competitions, Communication development, Intern services, and Referee Development.  The day ended with a great Hall Award Dinner and Social event presented by USASA. 

Sunday continued with Region Board topics and quick visit for a Question and Answer Session with US Men’s National Team and US Soccer Hall of Fame Member, Paul Caliguiri.  If you would like to know more about these meetings, how to attend the next conference, or get more involved in US Soccer, please go to the USASA booth at this week NCSAA Conference in Los Angeles.  If you cannot attend this great event please just email competition.wcsa@gmail.com.