Aztec Cup Keeper Wars


Due to popular demand, we will be bring back our Keeper War Tournament to the 2016 Aztec Cup. This will be held on PG 610 after the last Sat game.  To register for this event, please go this link.  Application must be competed by Weds Sept 21st 5pm PST.  


Apply online before Sept 21th

The Field of Play:
A Goalie War field is 20 - 28 yards long by 22 - 30 yards wide depending on the player’s age. The Goalie War field is divided into two halves by a halfway line.

The Ball:
Player must bring 4 balls marked clearly to identify as their own. Only one ball is permitted on the field of play during a Goalie War match. Standard size five soccer balls will be used.
The Number of Players: 
A Goalie War is played by two players. Each player may have a coach and no more than six (6) Ball Handlers to retrieve and supply balls for distribution.
The Duration: 
At the end of 3 minutes the keeper with the most goals wins. 
The Start of Play:
A toss of the coin will determine who picks one of the two goals or the ball to start. The keeper who starts with the ball must play within 6 yards of the goal line.
Method of Scoring: 
Distribution is the method by which goals are scored. A player may distribute the ball in any of the following ways: throwing, punting, rolling, kicking, drop kicking or heading. A player may only distribute the ball once during their possession. A player must distribute the ball within 6 seconds of taking possession. A goal is scored when the whole of the ball goes in the goal and passes over the goal line, provided that no infringement of the Rules of Engagement has been committed. The player scoring the greater number of goals during the Goalie War is the winner.
Rules of Engagement:
1.      All attacking moves must take place within 4 yards of original position.
2.      If a goal is scored the ball is played from that end.
3.      A ball that has deflected of the post, crossbar or the keeper and returns to the other keeper, that keeper plays from that position.
4.      If a keeper catches the ball cleanly, he/she plays from that position.
5.      If a keeper mishandles the ball in a “positive” direction (closer to opponents goal) then he/she must return to his/her goal line and play from there.
6.      If a keeper mishandles a ball to a disadvantageous position he/she must play from that position.
7.      Deflections to the halfway line must be played by one touch kick or he/she can pick the ball up and return to the goal line.
8.      Deflected balls out of play from a keeper touch (over the bar, parry wide) the attacking keeper receives the ball.