Spring Season

Dear Teams,

The Spring Season is approaching soon. Some teams have games as early as this week.  Please make sure you are updating your time and location of your games.  Games outside of two weeks can not be adjusted.  Directions on how to do this are listed under the FAQ of the rescources section of the website.  Also please make sure you are loging in to Game Officials to verify you have refs for your games.  This will help prevent any issues that issues with match officials.  Below is check off on things to do:

  1. Make sure you have your players on your roster.  If they played in the spring, just add them.  If they are new they will need to pay the $18 fee.
  2. All Rosters need to be updated 1 week prior to your game.
  3. All schedules posted on website are final. Any adjustments need to be done 2 weeks prior to the event.  Adjustements less than 2 weeks need to be made with league approval.  
  4. Check Refs assignment on League Officials
  5. Print out Roster Sheets 24 prior to game. How to do this is listed on FAQs in Resource section.
  6. Make sure you are bringing student IDs to game.