Rescheduling Policy Update

Rescheduling Policy Update

The WCSA has decided that any future requests for rescheduling is 8 days or less from the date of Kick-Off, said request will be denied outright.  We have had too many last minute reschedulings which has made referee assignment that are extremely difficult, next to impossible with the referee shortage.  We have in the past bent over backwards to accomadate teams, particularly our referee assignor, and it is no longer something that can be done.

The updated rescheduling procedures remain the same, but are re-iterated here.

1.  Requesting team is to get confirmation from opponent on Demosphere log of game change
2.  Team requesting change will email game #, old game date, old game time, old location and new game date, new game time, new location
3.  Scheduler will check the demosphere log of confirmation
4.  Scheduler will adjust the schedule
NOTE: Direct email to is the formal request for schedule change.  Demosphere log requests do not count.

Thank you for your understanding.

Brian Yip
Vice President of Operations