Scheduling Meeting Recap
Aug 11, 2014

Thank you to all the teams that attended the North and South scheduling meeting.  Teams that were not present at one of the two meetings will be subject to a $100 fine.  It is also the responsibility of all teams, who were present and not present to follow the proper procedures and to stay up to date with league news.  All league information can be found here on the website and under forms.  Please go over the Team Procedure Manual and USASA Registration forms.

A copy of the scheduling meeting can be found at the below link
Scheduling Meeting Powerpoint

Director of Officials
Brian Yip

NIRSA Region 6 Registration, Rankings, and Website

Dear Teams,

If you attending Regionals/Nationals this year, please go to this link and register your team with NIRSA.  If you do not do this, you will not be ranked or allowed to participate in post season activities.  If you have any questions, please just email  WCSA

Manditory North Scheduling Meeting


Dear Teams,

The North Scheduling meeting will be held on Sat August 9th at St. Mary's. The meeting will begin at 1pm and go to 3pm. Room is Sichel 106.  Here is a link for the campus map. Sichel is in E6 region of the map.  If you are North of UCSB, you will need at least one team rep at this meeting. We will be going over policies and procedures for the upcoming season. If you did not attend the South Meeting, you can attend this meeting to prevent sanctions. If you have any questions, please email

Please make sure you looking at the policies and procedures of the league under the forms section of the league.  Also I would look at the US Soccer registration link for registration info.  If you have any questions, please just ask.  WCSA



Fall 2014 Season

Dear Teams,

Please make sure you signin up for the 2014 Fall season by May 30th.  The cost is $350 for men, $350 for Women Premier*, and $100 for Women Second Division.  Please pay with Credit Card.  This makes tracking payment and processing on parties easier.  To register, just log into our team demophere site.  When you log in, there will be a prompt stating applying for Fall 2014 Season.  Click on the lnk.  When you are applying make sure you have your credit card handy to so you will not have to re-log in.  Make sure you are adding two teams members email and phone numbers, along with your sports club and contacts email and phone number.  If you have any questions, please email  WCSA

# all women team that apply for the premier division are required to attend regionals and nationals if they qualify.


Men League Set up:

Premier South: Top 4 teams will attend regionals- last place team will be relageted for 2015 season

Premier North: Top 4 teams will attend regionals- last place team will be relageted for 2015 season.

2nd South: Winner will attend regionals and play 2nd Central Winner home/away series for promotion of 2015 season.

2nd Central: Winner will attend regionals and play 2nd South Winner home/away series for promotion of 2015 season.

2nd Pacific: Winner will attend regionals and play North Winner home/away series for promotion of 2015 season.

2nd North: Winner will attend regionals and play Pacific Winner home/away series for promotion of 2015 season.

Women Regional Set Up:

Premier South: Top 2 teams will attend regionals

Premier Central: Top 2 teams will attend regionals

Premier North: Top 2 teams will attend regionals

Arizona: Top 2 teams will attend regionals

Utah: Top team from Utah region will attend, must contact Regional Director by Sept 15th of interest to play.  If more than 1 team attending head to head record will determine invite.

Northwest: Top Team from NW region (Oregon, Washington, Idaho) .  Top team from Utah region will attend, must contact Regional Director by Sept 30th of interest to play. If more than 1 team attending head to head record will determine invite.

Two Wild card teams will be invited. These teams will be decided by Regional Director.



League Cup and Open Cup Info

Dear Mens Teams,

If you can not attend the league cup at SDSU, please email by April 1st. After April 1st, teams will be required to attend the League Cup. Remember the top 2 teams from each division plus the host team will attend the league cup. If a team declines attending the event by April 1st, the next team in the standings will be required to attend. So if you are team that thinks you will not qualify for the event, please email by April 1st. Teams that do not attend the league cup will be issued a $1000 fine and will be removed from future seasons.

We will also have an open cup, that will be a first come first serve event. please email if you are interested in attending. The deadline for this event is April 15th. The cost for this event will be determined. If you have any questions, please email the league.  WCSA

New Referee Request Procedure

We have updated the proceudres for requesting referees.  Please note on the referee request form there are two tabs, one for the scheduling, and the other with details regarding scheduling.  

Team Procedures Manual

Referee Request Form


- Scheduling

- Games starting after September 9, teams must contact the assignor a minimum of 7 days prior to the game date.  If this is not done, the assignor will not assign your game.

- Fill out the Referee Request form found in the forms section, and email to your corresponding assignor. 

- Minimum 48hr notification to assignor for game cancellation is required.  Failure to do so will result in the team having to pay the full game and assignor fee.

           -For rainouts, the home team is responsible for contacting both the visiting team and the assignor of cancellation.   If the referees arrive at the field because the home team failed to inform the assignor of rainout, the home team is required to pay the full game fee.

- Fees

            - League games and non-league games where both teams are registered with USASA, the game fee will be as follows (please note game will not be officiated unless both teams can provide there USASA player passes)

- Game fee is $150 USD.  There will also be a $15/game assigning fee.

            - Games where one or both teams are not currently registered with USASA will have the following game fee

- Game fee is $200 USD.  There will also be a $15/game assigning fee.

- payment transactions will be coordinated with your local area assignor  

Spring League Updates

Dear Teams,

The spring schedule is up.  Please make sure you are doing the following:

1.Contact the opposing team via demphere remarks section to verify the games.  Times have been posted for 1pm start time.  If you want adjust time please do with approval of both teams via demophere remarks section.  This way the league can following any communication on teams involved.  Directions to do this are outlined on scheduling PowerPoint on the front page of website.

2. Make sure all field locations are updated at least one week prior to match.  This allows for all parties to be informed where to play and game sheets can be printed.  Remember home teams need to print game sheets 24 hour prior to game.

3. Every player must be registered for us soccer and have a player card and student ID for each game.  Player registered in fall do not need to register for the spring.  Rembember it takes around 1 week for cards to be processed.  Directions on how to do this are listed under forms section of website.

4. Ref fees are $150 per game.  Home team pays for refs.  Refs must be assigned by league refs.  Contact info is under ref section of website. Please contact refs 2 weeks in advance of games.

5. Team websites need two team contacts email and phone number listed on your team site plus sports club directors email and phone number by March 1st.  Failure will result in league fines.

6. Rosters need to be updated on your team site  24 hours prior to your match.

 This a lot of info so please email the league back if you have questions. WCSA

New Mailing Address for League Checks/Fines

Teams, please mail all fines, dues, etc to


107 Greenbrook Court

Danville, Ca 94526

Points of Emphasis
Important Points of Emphasis by the League

Due to several issues involving several teams, the league is left with no choice but to implement the following guidelines and consequences.  We have gone over this many, many times.  There will be no exceptions from this point forward.

1.  Scheduling games and assignors
          - From the time of contact (via email) to referee assignor, the game that is to be assigned must be a minimum 7 days away from the time the email was sent.  If this is not followed, referees will not be assigned.  THIS IS ALSO FOR RESCHEDULING GAMES
          - Teams are to cover the cost of parking for officials of at least 2.5 hours.  This can be paid in cash or included into the game fee
          - Teams are requires to have listed their field address as well as game times on their website.
               - failure to comply will result in the REMOVAL of the referees from the games.

2.  Team information
          - Teams are required to have their email and phone number listed on their team contact page
          - Teams MUST have registered via USASA and have their roster submitted to them
          - Teams MUST add their players to the WCSA roster.
               - Instructions for the above two points can be found on our forms link under Team Procedure Manual and USASA Registration

3.  Game-Day
          - Teams are required to print out the game card form the WCSA website and present to the referee (This card will also have the roster for both teams particpating in the game).  If a player is not listed here, THEY WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PLAY
          - Players are required to present the School ID and USASA pass at the time of referee check-in.  Both need to be presented or the player will not be allowed to play.  NO EXCEPTIONS


FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THE ABOVE SUBJECTS YOUR TEAM TO FINES, PROBATION, AND EXPULSION FROM THE LEAGUE.  Other reasons for fines, probations, and explusion are listed in our constitution and by-laws.

Scheduling Meeting Slides

Dear Teams,

Here are the slides from CSUN scheduling meeting. The league would like to thank all those that attended.  WCSA


or the here is the PDF version


 5th Annual WCSA Spring Cup 2014
Division Champion Finalist Result
Men Open *San Jose State *San Diego State B 1:0
Men League Cup *Cal Poly A UC Berkeley A 2:0
Women League Cup *UC San Diego W *San Diego State W 2:1 PK
Women League Cup Bracket Schedule
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